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Sponsorship opportunities also available at request...
  • Tuesday - The Break FGC Weekly (Dunellen, NJ)
  • Wednesday - League of Legends practice night
  • Thursday - Horror games with HackerMike and Eddie
  • Friday - The Break Smash Bi-Weekly (Dunellen, NJ)
  • Saturday - Random games with some friends...
Some events are bracketed LIVE on our Challonge Hub!

In addition to the events listed above, I often stream random games throughout the week from "The Jaxel-Dome". So don't forget to bookmark this page!
  • No trolling, racism, spamming or other obscenities.
  • Spoilers are absolutely not welcome in the chatroom.
  • Posting links is always welcome, within reason.
  • If you have any questions about this stream, just ask.
  • Keep in mind I am playing, I can't always respond.
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